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Youth & Women Measurements




YL/ WXS (0-2)

WS (4-6)

WM (8-10)

WL (12-14)

WXL (16-18)


24” – 26”

27” – 30”

31” – 33”

34” – 35”

36” – 38”

39” – 41

42” – 44”

Adult Measurements







34” – 36”

37” – 40”

41” – 44”

45” – 48”



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
If you have any other questions, please contact the Board at [email protected]

*What is the website to register for RSC soccer programs?
  Starting in Spring 2019, our soccer club switched to the Stack Sports registration system as recommended by Ohio North Youth Soccer.  Please access this website by clicking this link:             
*Why were there changes in 2016 to the rules and how the player's birth year determines the team he/she plays on?
    We updated our standards to align with the updates created by US Soccer.  In 2015, US Soccer created a list of revisions made to youth soccer to improve individual development.  You can read more in their document "Player Developmental Initiatives": player development initiatives faqs final.pdf

* What is Lil' Kickers?
Lil' Kickers is our U5 team for our 3-4 year olds.  For the year 2020, our Lil' Kickers team will only include players born in 2016-2017.  We focus on having fun while learning basic soccer skills and games.  The format of our practices and games is very flexible.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to join in on the fun and help with practices and games.  Typically, the team will practice two times per week until games start; then there will be one practice and one game per week.  There will be about 8 games per season.  The team will be divided up into mini teams throughout the season for games; the size of the mini teams will depend on the roster number and the amount of coach/parent volunteers we have each game to help guide the players.  On average, there will be 3-4 kids on a team and as little as 2 per team for more individualized instruction.  

*How can I get more involved?
    You can help the club in many ways; each opportunity has different levels of time commitments to meet your interests.  Please feel free to help out in any way you are able, such as by: becoming a coach, becoming an assistant coach, helping to organize a snack schedule for the kids to enjoy after the games, attending a Board meeting, serving as a Board Member, helping the club with events and projects (such as helping to set up the soccer fields).  Just ask a Board member or send an e-mail to: [email protected] to find out how you can help!

*What age division will my child play in?

    Current divisions we offer are: Lil Kickers: U5
                                                    Recreational teams: U7 and U9
                                                    GAASA teams (travel teams): based on child's age; children ages 7 and over can join
      There is an age grid on the ONYSA website with a birth year/age breakdown that can be accessed here:

*Who will be my child’s coach?
    The coach will be a parent or volunteer who expresses an interest in coaching and may have already coached in the past; soccer playing experience is not required.  Lil Kickers (U5) and Recreational coaches (U7 and U9) do not need coaching certificates.  The travel teams (GAASA U9 and up) do require that the coaches take educational courses.  All of the soccer coaches are required to have a background check, comply with Lindsay's Law and take the online concussion training.  The Registrar officer will randomly place children on teams and assign a coach.  We will try to honor your requests for special circumstances, but not all requests can be guaranteed. 

*When does registration begin for the Fall and Spring seasons?
     Fall registration begins around early May and Spring registration begins around early January.

*How much does it cost to register?
     The cost for registration varies based on the player's league (recreational vs travel/GAASA) and the season (Fall vs Spring).  Please contact the RSC Board via e-mail at [email protected] to receive the most up-to-date registration fees for your league and season.  Information about financial assistance is available upon request for those in need; please email the club at [email protected] at least 6 weeks prior to registration deadlines. 

*When will my child’s Fall soccer coach contact me?
    The Lil Kickers and Recreational coaches are typically assigned to a team around the beginning of August and they will contact their players soon after their coach training session, and after rosters and practice schedules are completed; the Rec games usually begin mid/late August and end mid-October.  The GAASA coaches are typically assigned to a team towards the end of July and their practices usually start towards the beginning of August; with the GAASA games usually starting mid-August and end mid-October.

*When will my child have Fall soccer practice?

   Practices are scheduled at the discretion of the coaches and based upon field availability.  Practices typically run 2x/week in the evenings until games start; at which time coaches may decide to still hold 1-2 practices per week.  GAASA/Rec coaches usually start practice in the beginning of August and the game seasons start mid-August. 

*When do practices and games start for the Spring season?
   The practices will start towards the end of March and games will run from the mid-April to beginning of June.  Your coach will contact you with your practice and game schedule after the coach training session in mid-March.

*How does my U7 or U9 player register for Spring soccer? (this information is only for Spring 2020) 
Recreational team registration for Spring 2020 will be with Kent Parks and Rec.  You can register on the website  Be sure to include "Rootstown Soccer Club" on the Comments section when you register. This way your child will be placed with other Rootstown soccer club players. 

*When are the Fall soccer games?

   Recreational/Lil Kickers team games are typically held on Saturdays, but some may be held during the week.  GAASA games are scheduled by the GAASA league.  The schedule will depend on coach/field availability.  The game season for our teams typically begins mid-August and runs through October.

*How long does the Fall Soccer season last?
    Practices for GAASA players will start in early August and practices for recreational players will start mid-August.  Games for all of our programs will typically run from mid-August through October. 

*What equipment/uniforms does my child need?
    Players will need shin guards, soccer cleats, a soccer ball and a drink for practices.  The soccer ball size depends on the player's age: Size #3 for U5, U7 and U9; Size #4 for U10 and U12; and Size #5 for U14 and older. 
    For the games: Recreational/Lil Kickers players will need to provide their own black shorts and black socks to wear for the games.  The Recreational/Lil Kickers players will get 1 game jersey when they register.  GAASA players will receive a uniform consisting of a jersey, shorts and socks.

*Will there be snacks after the game?
    Snacks are not required, but parents/coaches can feel free to set up a snack schedule with snacks and/or drinks for your players to enjoy after the game.

*I have coached U7 and U9 without needing a coaching certificate; but I was asked for my Coaching License when I offered to serve as a coach for my child's U10 GAASA team.  Do I need to be certified to be a GAASA coach?
    Yes, a license is required to coach for GAASA teams.  There is a one year grace period allowing coaches to get their license while coaching.  Most coaches do not need a "letter license" but can coach with a 10U-12U license.  Classes for these can be found on the OYSAN website under "Coaching Education":  Then select the class type using the tabs on the left-hand side.

*I am a high school soccer player and I am interested in being a referee: how can I be a referee for your recreational team games and do I need a license?
   We are again considering having referees for our Fall U9 games.  If you are interested, please e-mail us [email protected] so that we can plan the training and schedule.  If you are interested in becoming licensed, here is the website to find out more:

*Where can I find out more about the Rootstown Soccer Club Scholarship?
    The Rootstown Soccer Club will offer 2 scholarships for graduating seniors which will award $500 to each winner.  The Rootstown Soccer Club Scholarship is being offered to qualifying Rootstown High School soccer players, and the Farkash Friends and Family Soccer Scholarship is being offered to qualifying seniors who do not necessarily have to be graduating from Rootstown High school.  Information about applying for the 2 scholarships can be found through these links: friends family soccer scholarship revised 2020.docx and rootstown soccer club scholarship revised 2020.docx

*How can I have access to the RSC calendar?
    Here is the link to access our RSC calendar:

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