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Links for our Coaches:
Concussion Training testing:
Background Check:
Lindsay's Law requirements for Coaches:
In addition, for our GAASA coaches:
Electronic Legal Agreement (ELA): Coaches follow this link to log in to Affinity and follow steps to sign ELA

Coach License Requirement:
All league coaches are required to possess minimum standard license as established by the league.  Currently the standard is either the Ohio North U10/12 or the US Soccer National E. Coaches must complete the youth modules series provides by the state or the "D" license course. The league can and will accept comparable license' such as those offered by the NSCAA or European equivalent.  All new coaches are given one year (two consecutive seasons) to obtain the required coaches license as stated above. 
The Club should be notified when coaches plan to take the courses and upon completion of a course. Coaches will be reimbursed by the club after advance notification of plans to take the course and upon successful completion of the course.  

Ohio North u10/12 courses:
US Soccer National E License courses:

US Soccer National E license will be phased out of the Federation's coaching pathway in January, 2018.

Links for our TOPSoccer Coaches and Buddies
Buddy Training videos (4 videos): 
Buddy training powerpoint slides: topsoccer buddy slides 4-9-19.pdf 

Links for our Parents:
Lindsay's Law requirements for Players/Parents:

Game Rules:
Current general rules for Rootstown Soccer Club: 2018_07 general rules of the rsc rootstown soccer club updated.pdf
Recreational League:
Updated 6U and 8U rules; 2018 versions:
2018_07 6u division rules updated.docx.pdf
2018_07 8u division rules updated.pdf
Lil' Kickers rules; 2018 version:
2018_07 4u division rules and coach guidelines.docx.pdf

Travel (GAASA) League:
GAASA League Manual; updated March 2017: 2017 league manual.pdf
Updates from GAASA, 2016_06-14: 2016-06-14 gaasa soccer update.docx
US Soccer 2015 Player Development Initiatives: player development initiatives faqs final.pdf

Risk Management:
Risk Management guidelines and resources from Ohio North Youth Soccer Association:
US Youth Soccer Recommendations for Thunder/Lightning Safety:
National Weather Service Recommendations for Recreational Activities:
Heat Illness in Children:

Concussion Information:
In accordance with the Ohio Department of Health and Ohio's Return-To-Play Law established April 2013, the Rootstown soccer coaches successfully complete an online concussion course every three years.
Here are additional links for our coaches, players and families:

Ohio High School Athletic Association return to play guidelines:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention HEADS UP program:
Ohio Department of Health return to play guidelines:

Soccer Drills/Training:
FIFA 11+ warm-up programme home website:

"The 11+: A complete warm-up program" cards:
Soccer Drills, Skills and Tips:
U6 Soccer Skill Games for Practices:
U8 Soccer Skill Games for Practices:

Youth Soccer Coaching Tips:
Guide to Coaching Youth Soccer:

Social Media and Sideline Etiquette:

    Parent Tips Sidelying Etiquette: 2017_07 gaasa parent tips-sideline etiquette.docx
    Verbal Abuse from Parents/Coaches Leading to Referee Shortage: 2017_07 gaasa verbal abuse from parents.docx
The 10 Commandments for Soccer Parents: 10 commandments soccer parent.pdf
Social Media Guidelines:
Sideline Etiquette:

Links for Referees:
Spring 2017 GAASA referee class instruction
: gaasa referee class instruction sheet.doc
Want to become a referee
To register click on the following link:

Links for Scholarship Opportunities:
The Rootstown Soccer Club will offer 2 scholarships for graduating seniors which will award $500 to each winner.  The Rootstown Soccer Club Scholarship is being offered to qualifying Rootstown High School seniors, and the Farkash Friends and Family Soccer Scholarship is being offered to qualifying seniors who do not necessarily have to be graduating from Rootstown High school.  Information about applying for the 2 scholarships can be found through these links:friends family soccer scholarship revised 2020.docx and rootstown soccer club scholarship revised 2020.docx

Advanced Soccer Opportunities: 
Northeast Ohio Premier Clubs (Central Alliance Soccer)

Northeast Ohio Advanced Individual Soccer Opportunities U.S. Soccer Development Academy

Olympic Development Program

Bayern Munich ID Program

Field Status

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